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Corporate and VIP operators across the Americas select AW139, AW169 - Mar/15/2017, 1:10PM

Posted on March 8, 2017; Leonardo Press Release
The AgustaWestland AW139 and AW169 continue to be selected as preferred platforms by discerning corporate and VIP customers, with additional sales of both types accelerating in early 2017.

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NHV’s H175 fleet reaches milestone - Mar/15/2017, 1:09PM

01st March 2017 - 12:30 by The Shephard News Team
NHV's fleet of eight H175 aircraft has completed 10,000 flight hours in support of offshore oil and gas operations, the company announced on 28 February.

The first two aircraft were introduced to the fleet in December 2014 with NHV being the launch operator for the type. The helicopters have since completed over 4750 flights; with...Read More

ANALYSIS: Downturn in offshore helicopter sector may be bottoming out: Flight Ascend Consultancy - Feb/23/2017, 8:00PM

22 February, 2017 SOURCE: Flight International BY: Murdo Morrison London

The downturn in the oil and gas sector that has seen deliveries and values of large and medium helicopter types plummet over the past two years may be bottoming out – but any recovery is likely to be at least a year away, believes Flight Ascend Consultancy....

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Idex 2017: Bell Helicopter eyes Gulf deals - Feb/23/2017, 7:58PM

February 18, 2017
The US helicopter manufacturer Bell Helicopter expects to clinch a deal with the UAE military this year as it expands its military business outside the home ground.

The Texas-based company that has as its major client the US government, has supplied Bell 412 and Bell 212 models to Abu Dhabi Aviation, which uses 44 of its helicopters. ..

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NHV awarded with offshore contract by Seaway Heavy Lifting - Feb/23/2017, 7:56PM

22 Feb, 17, Source: NHV

The NHV Group today announced a new contract with Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) to provide helicopter services in support of their upcoming wind farm construction project at the Beatrice Offshore Wind farm. The 588MW, 84 turbine wind farm, will be situated in the Outer Moray Firth and is expected to power approximately 450,000 homes. The operations are expected to...Read More

Bel Air AW189 helicopters exceed 6000 flight hours in North Sea operations - Feb/15/2017, 7:37PM

15 Feb, 17, Source: Leonardo

The two AgustaWestland AW189 super medium twin engine helicopters operated by Bel Air of Denmark have exceeded 6000 flight hours as of January, setting a new milestone while demonstrating exceptional availability and mission effectiveness performing long range offshore transport missions in the North Sea. This outstanding result was possible through the...Read More

FAA certifies AW169 - Feb/15/2017, 7:36PM

15 Feb, 17, Source: AgustaWestland

The AgustaWestland AW169 light intermediate twin-engine helicopter has achieved validation by FAA of the United States of its certification, with deliveries to begin in USA this year.

A versatile, new generation twin-engine light-intermediate category helicopter, the AW169 has been designed in response to the growing market demand for an...Read More

HNZ Group Receives S-92A Helicopters - Feb/15/2017, 7:22PM

13 Feb, 17, Source:

HNZ Group has recently received the first two of four Sikorsky S-92A Helibus helicopters from PHI. The two aircraft will be kept at Broome, Western Australia. The four helicopters will be leased from PHI for five years, starting in April, in support of Ichthys LNG Project, reports Aviation WA.

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Lider receives Petrobras safety award - Feb/10/2017, 1:38PM

10 Feb, 17, Source: Bristow Group
Bristow partner Líder Aviação received the Petrobras Excellence Award in Air Transport Operations (Peotram) 2016 on January 27, 2017, in recognition of its performance last year. The announcement was made at an event at the Petrobras Senate Building in Rio de Janeiro, which brought together more than 100 aviation professionals.

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HNZ and PHi to fly up to four S-92s in Australian JV - Feb/09/2017, 2:51PM

7 Feb, 17, Source: HNZ

HNZ Group Inc. (TSX: HNZ) (the “Corporation”), an international provider of helicopter transportation and related support services, announced today that it has entered into a joint venture with PHI, Inc. (“PHI”) to provide offshore helicopter transportation services for the INPEX-led Ichthys LNG Project. INPEX is Japan’s largest oil and gas exploration and...Read More

Vici Helicopters – the new name on the North Sea? - Feb/09/2017, 2:32PM

6 Feb, 17, Source:
Last week, the oil industry journal Energy Voice wrote about a potential new helicopter operator on the North Sea – Vici Helicopters. Incorporated on 18th January with an address in Stavangar, the company is reportedly going to operate two AgustaWestland AW189s, although it is still in the process of obtaining the necessary operating licences.

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525 to resume flight tests ‘within months’ - Feb/09/2017, 2:27PM

February 3, 2017 by Oliver Johnson
Bell Helicopter is hoping to be able to resume flight tests of its 525 Relentless “witihin several months,” and is coordinating with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on a return to flight date.

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New era on North Sea as oil company buys two H175s - Jan/31/2017, 12:20PM

31 Jan, 17, Source: understands from reliable sources in the offshore helicopter industry that oil company Nexen Petroleum is the principal behind the acquisition of two Airbus H175 helicopters to be operated by Babcock MCS Offshore. We approached Nexen to validate their involvement, but their Corporate Communications lead in Aberdeen declined to comment. Babcock...Read More

Falcon Aviation presents the world’s first offshore-configured new generation AW169 helicopter to Oil & Gas community - Jan/31/2017, 12:09PM

30 Jan, 17, Source: Falcon Aviation Services

During an official ceremony held at the Marina Mall Helipad in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) at the presence of H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Falcon Aviation presented the world’s first offshore-configured new generation AW169 helicopter of Leonardo to the Oil & Gas community. “Falcon Aviation and TOTAL ABK are complying...Read More

NHV wins UK-based H175 contract with Ithaca Energy - Jan/31/2017, 12:08PM

30 Jan, 17, Source: NHV

The NHV Group today announced a new contract with Ithaca Energy UK Ltd (Ithaca) to provide helicopter services in support of their upcoming drilling project at the Harrier Well in Block 30/6. The operations are expected to start Q2 2017. Flights will depart from NHV’s base in Aberdeen to the harrier well, which is approximately 150nm from Aberdeen.

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H160 completes cold weather trials - Jan/31/2017, 12:07PM

Posted on January 30, 2017 by Oliver Johnson
The Airbus H160 has completed its cold weather test program in northern Canada, as the aircraft continues its journey towards certification in late 2018 or early 2019.

The 5.5- to 6-tonne twin-engine aircraft, unveiled at HAI Heli-Expo in March 2015, is powered by the 1,200-horsepower Safran Arrano, and features a number of innovations...Read More

Falcon Aviation presents world’s first offshore-configured AW169 NG helicopter to Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas community - Jan/19/2017, 7:39PM

January 19th, 2017
Falcon Aviation has presented the world’s first offshore-configured new generation AW169 to Abu Dhabi's Oil & Gas community during a ceremony at the Marina Mall Helipad.

“Safety is the number one priority for Falcon Aviation and TOTAL ABK. The use of the AW169 helicopter helps to maintain the high safety standards to which Falcon Aviation and TOTAL ABK...Read More

Toll Rescue Helicopter Service is airborne for communities of NSW - Jan/17/2017, 11:47AM

January 13, 2017; Toll Group Press Release
Toll Group has officially launched the Toll Rescue Helicopter Service in partnership with NSW Ambulance to provide greater aeromedical services to communities of New South Wales in the Southern Zone.

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NYPD Win Approval for S-76D to Fly State Governor - Jan/17/2017, 11:45AM

16 Jan, 17, Source:

Governor Cuomo has been allowed a $12.5 million helicopter to use for transportation across the state. Cuomo had requested in November last year for a new helicopter, but the request was denied by comptroller Thomas DiNapoli on the grounds that the interior couldn’t be changed for police needs and that there wasn’t enough information to waive bid...Read More

Era Search and Rescue Program Recognized for Excellence - Jan/13/2017, 12:32PM

HOUSTON, Jan. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Era Group Inc. (ERA), one of the largest helicopter operators in the world, today announced that its search and rescue (SAR) program is the 2017 winner of Helicopter Association International’s Salute to Excellence Airbus Helicopters Golden Hour Award. The annual award is presented to those who have advanced the use of helicopters in the vital mission...Read More