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Helicopter makers woo oil sector with speed and comfort - Jun/12/2013, 11:23AM

Forecasts of a great shift in the helicopter markets over the next 7 years shows the Oil and Gas sector accounting for up to 70% of the market by 2020. Manufacturers are focusing on Bigger, faster and more comfortable in an effort to appeal to this growing market.

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Sikorsky closes S-92 order from China's CITIC Offshore Helicopter - Jun/12/2013, 11:23AM

One of the business announcements that have come out of the Paris Airshow this month with regard to the Oil and Gas Sector in Asia.

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Sikorsky to convert Brunei Shell S-92 for SAR work - Jun/12/2013, 11:23AM

16 May, 13

Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) announced plans today to perform the first post-delivery Search and Rescue (SAR) modifications to Brunei Shell’s Sikorsky S-92® helicopter. Originally configured for offshore oil missions, the aircraft will undergo a comprehensive conversion to a SAR configuration to serve customers in Borneo and the surrounding Southeast Asia region. SAS is...Read More

Making Waves - Jun/12/2013, 11:23AM

This is an interesting perspective on how the post recession helicopter sales and leasing industry has changed and can give us some insight into where we should be focusing our efforts.

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